Couples Counselling


Choosing to go to couples therapy can feel like a big decision. It involves admitting that things are not perfect in your relationship and deciding that you want to work on resolving your difficulties with your partner. Couples often decide to enter into therapy when trust has been broken, communication is poor and arguments become more frequent.


Couples counselling can help people address issues in their relationship, to better understand their partner and to enable them to make positive changes in their relationship.


Couples can attend when;


There are arguments with their partner

Communication is difficult

The relationship may be ending

You or your partner have had an affair

Trust is an issue

Feelings of jealousy are an issue

Their relationships follows a destructive pattern



Sex Therapy


People often find it difficult to talk about intimacy and sex with their partner but open communication in therapy, honesty and a desire to work on your issues can help improve your relationship. 



Fees – £45 per 50 minute session / £60 per 90 minute session.



Paul works with clients who are from diverse cultural backgrounds, some are married, divorced, living together, living apart, straight or LGBTQ.